Estate Administration

Our family wealth planning attorneys also handle the administration of estates. Attorneys confer with members of a decedent’s family on the following issues:

  • Preparation of inventories and accounts 
  • Assistance to the executor with the preparation of the required probate documents and assist in valuation of estate assets 
  • Making insurance claims 
  • Preparation of final income tax returns and the estate’s income and federal and state estate tax returns 
  • Monitoring of the investment and reinvestment of the estate’s assets 
  • Arranging for the distribution of the estate’s net assets 
  • Income tax savings through the timing of distributions and the timing and claiming of appropriate deductions

Trust Administration
Attorneys advise and consult with corporate and individual trustees concerning the discharge of the trust’s terms and consult with beneficiaries concerning trust administration matters, including the preparation of trust accounts. In selected cases, our attorneys also act as trustees and as executors.

Our family wealth planning attorneys also assist clients in all phases of probate and trust litigation. This process may involve construing or reforming the terms of a will or trust, prosecuting or defending a will contest action or surcharge actions against trustees, or securing the appointment of a guardian. With our broad range of knowledge and experience, our family wealth planning attorneys can help you understand the complex tax issues associated with estate planning and assist you in obtaining your personal goals.