BYOD: Advantage, liability … or both?

September 6, 2012 at 11:00am12:00pm

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Employers across the country are increasingly allowing and encouraging their employees to work remotely and use their own technology to perform general work responsibilities. What employers may not be aware of is the growing tsunami that is called “Bring Your Own Device,” or the BYOD movement. This seemingly irreversible trend presents some very real and immediate challenges — both practical and legal — for employers. However, those challenges could be well worth it, encouraging new ways of working and possibly providing a huge advantage in recruiting and retaining talent — thereby creating a competitive edge in the marketplace. So how can you know if BYOD is right for your company and how to minimize your risk if you allow it?

Dinsmore attorney Laura Grubbs gave us a look at this workplace phenomenon. Our complimentary webinar covered:

  • Inherent security risks, including securing company data; employee privacy, sensitive personal, financial; and health-related data transmitted on devices and networks the employer may not own or control
  • Developing a BYOD program and modifications (subtle or complete overhauls) to existing policies 

  • Policies regulating employee behavior on and off the clock 

  • Developing consistency across multiple workplace policies and practices 

  • Creating an environment of diligence and collaboration between management, corporate counsel, HR professionals and IT departments

This webinar was encouraged for employers of every size and industry.

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