How to Save your Job, Avoid Litigation and Look like a Superstar

March 27, 2013
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Nearly every corner of the banking industry is under the microscope
— and perhaps the best strategy for fiduciaries is to learn where the potential pitfalls are in order to avoid litigation, or worse.

Dinsmore's attorney John Hussell presented a 60-minute breakdown of some of the key legal decisions that may have a profound effect on the way corporate fiduciaries and trustees operate in the future. John also offered practical strategies to help you succeed where many fiduciaries and trustees have failed before. His topics included:

  • Duties of a Corporate Trustee/Executor
  • Fiduciary Liability and Damage Remedies 
  • Compensation of Corporate Fiduciaries 
  • Fixing Problem Trusts 
  • Creditor & Other 3rd-Party Litigation 
  • Tax Issues in Litigation

John F. Hussell, IV | Partner
John Hussell works with individual and institutional clients in multiple stages of estate planning and asset protection planning. He is a well-respected and successful corporate attorney focusing on “peace of mind strategies” — both in helping his clients pass assets to the next generation and in executing and litigating when contests arise.


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