Planning Ahead to Pick up the Pieces

November 28, 2012 at 11:00am12:00pm
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Sometimes bankruptcy is the answer – sometimes it’s not.
Our 60-minute crash course outlined the economic warning signs and steps to take pre-filing that could prevent the need to file for bankruptcy protection. We addressed some of the options available to distressed companies, how to determine whether bankruptcy is the right choice, and finally how to prepare to make the most of a fresh start. Regardless of your business status, you couldn't afford to miss our information-packed webinar.

Ellen Arvin Kennedy | Partner | Corporate Law Department

Ellen’s thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law enables her to guide both debtors and creditors through the full spectrum of financial distress matters. She has extensive experience litigating and mediating high-stakes matters in both bankruptcy and state courts, and employs a practical, measured approach to helping her clients reach resolutions. Ellen also serves as chair of the Bankruptcy Practice Section of the Kentucky Bar Association, a role which includes organizing and presenting seminars on bankruptcy issues to attorneys across the state.


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