The Foreclosure Maze: What’s Your Strategy?

April 24, 2013 at 11:00am12:00pm
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Foreclosures are an unpleasant aspect of lending.
Given the increased number of foreclosures in a slow economic recovery, along with government scrutiny and media attention given to the subject, some common-sense (and legal) strategies may be needed to prevent more headaches for bank executives holding bad inventory.

Dinsmore attorney Toby Schisler presented a practical look at the foreclosure maze and what lenders can do to reduce liability as well as maintain a positive reputation with customers.

In this complimentary, 60-minute webinar, Toby discussed: 
  • Title issues
  • Appointing receivers 
  • Sheriff vs. Receiver sales 
  • How lenders can avoid being seen as a “mortgagee in possession” 
  • Best practices to help lenders avoid the landmines (that can trigger a potential lawsuit) during a foreclosure proceeding 
  • Effective use of mediation and other devices to quickly and efficiently resolve foreclosure proceedings 
  • Pursuing guaranty liability, including carve-out guarantors 
  • How to handle the situation of a single loan secured by real estate located in multiple jurisdictions

This was a must-see webinar for commercial and community bank directors, mortgage bankers and brokers, trustees and examiners as well as in-house counsel.

H. Toby Schisler | Partner
Toby Schisler is an experienced trial lawyer, having served as first chair counsel in more than forty trials in State and federal courts. Many of the cases Toby has tried have involved complicated or complex litigation issues, and occasionally “bet the company” outcomes for his clients. Following the downturn in the economy, he has successfully represented a number of lenders, developers, and receivers in commercial foreclosure and receivership proceedings.


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