Update on the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Cases

October 17, 2012 at 10:00am11:00am
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Apart from the impact on operators from changes and additions to MSHA’s administrative arsenal, 2012 has produced some significant Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission cases. These cases provide insight into how coal and metal/non metal operators will deal with future MSHA enforcement actions, as well as how they should prepare for informal conferencing, settlement negotiations, and potential litigation.

Dinsmore attorneys Bob Beatty and Jason Nutzman presented the second discussion in our complimentary 2012 Fall Mine Safety and Health webinar series on some of the significant Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission cases from 2012. This webinar discussed both Administrative Law Judge and Review Commission decisions, in the coal and metal/non metal sectors of the industry, to provide you with the necessary insight on MSHA’s ever-changing regulatory scheme.

This webinar was a must see for both coal and metal/nonmetal operators and their safety directors and foreman.

There is NO COST to attend our webinars.

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