What’s the Deal with Bank M&A?

October 31, 2012 at 11:00am12:00pm
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Are heightened regulatory requirements driving smaller banks to look for exits? Will we see increasing consolidation among certain sectors of the market as new rules and oversight make it more difficult to meet higher capital standards and make a profit? As traditional lines of business and revenue disappear under Dodd-Frank, will banks turn to growth through acquisition? This 60-minute presentation will provide invaluable insight and clarity to help bankers identify opportunities and move ahead. Topics ranged from preparing to buy or sell, due diligence, negotiations and much more. 

Susan Zaunbercher | Chair | Financial Institutions Group

Susan brings a holistic approach to counseling her business clients. Experienced in all areas of corporate law, Susan focuses mainly on transactions, mergers and acquisitions and securities law involving financial institutions, often pursuing breakout opportunities that help her clients leverage extraordinary corporate events. Her energetic and confident style puts her clients at ease. Her motto is: “We’re going to solve your issues and have fun doing it.” 


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