Government, both nationally and at the state level, is becoming increasingly important and involved in shaping the country's business climate.  New administrations, agencies, regulations and enforcement priorities are impacting how companies operate.  Businesses in the financial services, healthcare, information technology and energy sectors are in the spotlight; however, increasing pressure and scrutiny across all industries by stakeholders, competitors, customers and even suppliers underscores the importance of continuous vigilance.

Compliance takes on different meanings depending on the lens you’re looking through.  Dinsmore guides you through the regulatory maze, helping you comply with applicable laws and avoid situations creating potential liability.  Our attorneys have practical experience working through issues involving the SEC, EPA, FTC, DOJ, FSOC, FINRA and other regulatory agencies.  We also take an active role in shaping policy on your behalf.

There are times when the most well-crafted, proactive measures will not entirely eliminate controversy and you need experienced defense.  Beyond simply understanding the unique regulatory environment facing your business and practices, our attorneys are experienced counselors before grand jury, governmental investigations and criminal prosecutions as well as civil lawsuits in defense of individuals and corporations charged with business-related offenses.  When your reputation is on the line, we have the experience and resources to mount an aggressive defense.