William E. Hunt


Successfully defended state official during investigation of possible conflicts of interest

We represented an elected state official under investigation by the FBI for using his influence to divert money to projects from which he would benefit. We spent three months reviewing documents and interviewing witnesses, and after presenting our findings to the U.S. attorney’s office, the case was dropped.

University athletic director convicted of embezzlement following independent investigation

We represented a public university whose athletic director improperly used his purchasing authority for personal gain. The university hired us to conduct an independent investigation to determine whether any embezzlement actually took place. Our investigation lasted six months and included hiring an accounting firm to track years of financial transactions, as well as interviews with multiple university officials. We presented our findings to the university president and board of trustees, who in turn authorized us to present our report to the authorities. The athletic director was ultimately convicted of embezzlement.

Defended an Equipment Supplier Against Anti-trust Allegations

We represented a national equipment supplier suspected of anti-trust violations. The government’s anti-trust division believed the company was colluding with competitors to pre-determine bids for certain opportunities. We conducted a three year investigation, interviewing more than 60 sales personnel across the country and reviewing thousands of emails. Ultimately, our report to the Department of Justice resulted in the end of the investigation.

Housing Agency Director Cleared of Mismanaging Funds

We represented a metropolitan housing agency whose executive director was alleged to have improperly used public funds for his own benefit. We interviewed agency employees and examined records for evidence that the director had shown favoritism to any of his employees or used public money for personal use. The allegations and investigations were heavily covered in the local press. Although there were no findings of impropriety by the executive director, we recommended stricter financial controls for the future.

Proved Allegations That A Construction Manager Created False Invoices

We represented a national assisted living company that suspected a construction manager of creating false invoices for work that was never completed throughout the south and Midwest. We conducted a six month investigation that included witness interviews and analysis of bank deposits, invoices and other documents to prove that the construction manager, who was ultimately prosecuted, had created the false invoices.

Health Care Services Cleared of False Claims Allegations

We represented a health care services business that provided billing services to physicians groups and emergency rooms after a false claims act suit was filed alleging the company had improperly coded and overcharged government health care services, including Medicare and Medicaid, by millions of dollars. We did our own analysis of the company’s records while working closely with the U.S. attorney’s office as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and found an explanation for the company’s coding and charges. As a result of our investigation no criminal charges were filed and the civil suit was not pursued.