Alternative Dispute Resolution

We recognize the importance and value of mediating and resolving disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  It reduces litigation costs and provides expedient resolutions for our clients, which is our goal.  As such, our attorneys utilize various forms of ADR, including arbitration, mediation and early neutral evaluation to assist clients in the successful resolutions of disputes.

Experienced advocates in the ADR process, our attorneys draw on that understanding to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. We represent clients in state and federal court mediations and participate in ADR before the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the National Association of Securities Dealers, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and other private ADR forums.

More and more frequently, both federal and state courts are utilizing mediation and structured settlement conferences, using court personnel as mediators, to resolve the cases in litigation before them.  Dinsmore litigators have developed substantial experience in representing parties and taking them through successful outcomes in these sessions.

We also seek to lay ground work for the future use of ADR by drafting contractual provisions and assisting clients in the implementation of such programs, which minimizing costs in the event of a later dispute. In addition, many of our attorneys have attended the mediation training programs at Harvard Law School and Pepperdine Law School.

Our attorneys also serve as neutrals in arbitrations and mediations, including being listed on the AAA Panel List of Neutrals and conducting work on behalf of ADR organizations including the National Arbitration Forum. This collective experience provides us with the ability to achieve productive and prompt resolutions for our clients.