Dinsmore's Statement on the State of Our Country

George Floyd's death in the custody of police officers, and the ensuing days of unrest throughout our country, have starkly spotlighted America's racial divide and the inequities that people of color face every day. Dinsmore unequivocally condemns brutality, racism, bigotry and prejudice in all forms. In our pursuit of justice as lawyers, we take personally that yet another senseless death has occurred, and that the inequities of our society have persisted.

We also know that we are not perfect. And we know words are not enough, no matter how many, how descriptive, or how piercing. We will not stand silently as others dismiss the impact of inequality on members of our community. We vow to vigorously defend against bigotry and oppression, to do our part to make a kinder, more equitable world, and to be a strong voice in the chorus demanding justice and peace for people of color. In the coming weeks and months, our firm leadership will develop an action plan that puts into practice these fundamental beliefs.