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I Am Dinsmore: David Boyles

David Boyles

“I think here at Dinsmore, we are truly inclusive of the LGBTQ community. From participation at Pride events in many of our cities each year to supporting organizations like the Human Rights Campaign or Equitas Health, our attorneys really put themselves into the community. Everyone is able to be their authentic self at work. We can come and express ourselves as we are. I think that’s the true definition of inclusion.”

David Boyles Signature Associate, Cincinnati

Litigator, Army Veteran, & LGBTQ Advocate

A natural-born problem solver, David is a founding member of In Law & Equity, Dinsmore’s LGBTQ affinity group, promoting policies and practices that support inclusion for both attorneys and staff. We sat down with him recently to learn about his legal and military career, as well as his thoughts on our inclusion efforts.