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Dinsmore & Shohl Welcomes an International Attorney for the Summer

June 25, 2013News Releases
Dinsmore & Shohl welcomes Gábor Helembai from Hungary and continues the tradition of hosting an international attorney for the summer. Helembai is a partner at Forgó, Damjanovic & Partners law firm and will spend two months with Dinsmore observing U.S. law.

Helembai has noticed major differences in the two countries’ legal systems in his three weeks here. For example, Hungarian judges don’t use previous cases as precedents like here in the United States because Hungary’s legal system does not recognize case law. An earlier decision of the court is not binding in a later case, so each case is based on its own merits. He also noticed that attorneys in the United States don’t have to focus on international business the way their counterparts do in Europe.

“Hungary is a small country compared to the United States, and to be successful, you must build relationships and find clients in the international community. It’s interesting that attorneys here can have an entire career with clients just from the United States. That’s not how it is in Hungary,” Helembai said.

Dinsmore has also hosted attorneys from England, Austria, Holland and Spain. Harvey Cohen, Chair of Dinsmore & Shohl’s International Business Practice Group, and Michael Hawkins coordinate the international externs with contacts from ALFA International and the International Bar Association.

“We learn as much from Gabor and our past international externs as they learn from us. Gabor and his predecessors have greatly enriched our Summer Associate Program and firm culture in general. Also, we forge personal bonds that last for entire careers,” added Cohen.

Helembai says he’s very impressed with Cincinnati. He enjoys the city’s culture, sports and great restaurants. He appreciates how friendly people are and plans to speak highly of Dinsmore and Cincinnati when he’s back in Europe. In Hungary, Helembai focuses on general corporate/commercial and gaming issues for his firm. He has a law degree from Károli Gáspár University in Budapest.