Determine Business-Specific Risk

September 26, 2017
Kurt R. Hunt

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In the fifth installment of our Cybersecurity Webinar Series, you'll revisit the initial "rough" risk analysis you completed in step one and use this preliminary draft as a launching point to develop a comprehensive and nuanced cybersecurity and privacy risk analysis.

Dinsmore’s Kurt Hunt will guide you through a deep dive on each of your outlined risks. Performing this full evaluation will show you specifically where you are most vulnerable so that you can pinpoint your likeliest points of failure.

Join this webinar to learn how to evaluate your key areas of risk, including:

  • data types;
  • data practices (e.g., where and how do you store it);
  • details of access controls;
  • past data breaches, threatened litigation, or other “warning shots”;
  • reliance on SaaS / cloud;
  • personnel training;
  • industry trends;
  • future business venture plans;
  • vendors and associated vendor management controls;
  • regulations and associated compliance controls;
  • legal changes;
  • international exposure