DSHRM HR Learn: "Marijuana - Your Workplace Questions Answered"

June 10, 2019
John D. Mackewich, Kent Sharkey and Raul Villarreal

100 St. Clair Street
Detroit, Michigan  48214
United States


Recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan in December 2018. Business leaders and their employees have questions about what the legalization of marijuana means for places of employment. Human Resources professionals are tasked with reviewing existing policies and practices and, as needed, establishing new policy to address business-specific needs. Some organizations will make changes in applicant screening processes, random drug testing policies and fitness for duty assessments.

Clarifying individual businesses’ needs will be important.  Even more essential will be communicating policy expectations to employees as well as educating them about marijuana and the possible impact on work performance. Our panel will review relevant laws and provide information for application within individual workplaces.


Participants at this HR Learn event will be able to:

  • Identify the marijuana and employment laws that apply to their businesses overall as well as to specific roles within their organizations
    • What are the expectations for federal employers and contractors?  What are the expectations for roles such as drivers, healthcare professionals?
  • Identify applicant screening processes that meet the needs of their organizations;
  • Develop random drug testing and fitness for duty policies and provide guidelines for their fair and legal application by supervisors and managers;
  • Select relevant content and strategies for educating the workforce about marijuana policies and marijuana usage;
  • Identify employee assistance strategies designed to positively impact finances related to performance, absenteeism, employee turnover, etc.; and
  • Apply the information provided to audit policies, and as needed, make revisions to policies and practices in their organizations..