Employees Behaving Badly: Investigation and termination steps to avoid litigation

October 8, 2014 at 11:00am1:00pm

Few managers enjoy dealing with employees who misbehave. Sometimes the misconduct is so serious and blatant that the course of action is clear. But more often, the extent of misconduct is unclear, and the procedures for documenting misconduct and taking corrective actions are insufficient.

This can open the door to potential litigation and claims of unfair treatment. It can also negatively impact morale in your workplace.

In this Employer’s Toolkit webinar, Corey Asay and Mike Mattingly lay out successful strategies for investigating and addressing employee misconduct — leading to more workplace harmony and reducing your chances of potential liability, including:

  • How to design and incorporate disciplinary policies that are flexible and consistent for your organization; while providing clear, adequate notice for employees
  • How to decide when an investigation of alleged misconduct is necessary?
  • How to conduct legally-sound internal investigations
  • How to justify your disciplinary actions or termination if the employee challenges you

Whether you manage one person or 10,000, this may be the most valuable 60 minutes you invest this year.