Employer Beware: What's Really Beneath the EEOC's Expansive Agenda?

August 13, 2014 at 11:00am12:00pm

Download recording and PowerPoint slides here.

Most will agree that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission adds value in that it seeks to eliminate workplace discrimination; however, employers should be equally wary of the apparent aggressive agenda of the agency — both in its expansive strategies and in its enforcement tactics.

Need proof? In the past few years, the EEOC has issued aggressive guidance covering criminal background checks and most recently, expanded the criteria for pregnancy discrimination. Add to that, EEOC enforcement collections for victims of workplace discrimination totaled $372.1 million during fiscal year 2013.*

Join our employment attorneys for a 60-minute analysis of the latest EEOC enforcement tactics, both in the investigation and litigation stages. You’ll also learn the most appropriate means to interact with the EEOC should it investigate your company.

Whether you run a small business or employ thousands, this could be the most valuable 60 minutes you spend this year. We’ll cover:

How the agency aggressively seeks information beyond the scope of alleged charges

How to appropriately respond to discrimination charges

EEOC litigation tactics and resulting sanctions

EEOC settlement stances

When you should prepare a position statement; when to involve legal counsel

Settling in the administrative stage versus going to trial