Intellectual Property 101: Understanding Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

August 27, 2013 at 11:00am12:00pm

Intellectual property is imagination made real. It's an asset, just like your car, your home or business equipment. And like all assets, they can be stolen, counterfeited or infringed upon, leaving you with nothing but a great idea. Intellectual property protection comes in the forms of: patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets. But, do you know which protection to use for your ideas, your technology or promotions? Knowing the proper course to take can decide the future of your business.

Join Dinsmore attorneys Geof OberhausApril Besl and Lynda Roesch for a 60-minute crash course on the legal tools and remedies to protect your creations and the ultimate value of your business. Whether you’re new to intellectual property or looking to upgrade your product protection strategy, you'll gain a better understanding of these protection remedies and how to seek proper legal help to implement them.

In this complimentary 60-minute webinar you will: 

 • Learn the differences between the utility and design patents and the importance of timely filing to securing and protecting your patent rights.  
 • Discover what constitutes a trade secret and some tips and tricks for protecting trade secrets using agreements, strategy, and most importantly, secrecy. 
 • Learn the basic requirements for copyright protection and the two most common misunderstandings when it comes to ownership of copyrights and what constitutes a copyright in general. 
 • Uncover the truth about trademarks including when something is considered a trademark, what makes a trademark strong, what the TM and (R) symbols mean, and when federal protection is a good idea. 


Geoffrey L. Oberhaus Partner
Geof is Director of Dinsmore's Privacy and Data Security practice, providing advice and creative solutions to minimize the risk of privacy and data security-related issues. Clients also look to him for IT licensing, patent protection, litigation, trade secrets, copyrights, trademark, software protection, e-commerce, privacy law, licensing, open-source, export compliance (EAR & ITAR).

Lynda E. Roesch Partner
Lynda is a veteran IP attorney counseling clients on trademark clearance and registrations and prosecuting trademark applications for over 30 years. In her career, she has been active in the IP community, helping to draft federal legislation and serving as General Counsel for the International Trademark Association (INTA). She was also named one of the Top 50 Women Lawyers in Ohio.

April L. Besl Associate
April helps clients with non-patent intellectual property issues including trademarks, copyrights, social media, Internet law, advertising and trade secrets. She has extensive experience in emerging issues related to the impact of social media, the web, and technology on business and marketing strategies.