Minesweeping: Employer I-9 Compliance, Government Enforcement, E-Verify and Federal Contractors

November 14, 2012

Our complimentary webinar covered Employer I-9 Compliance, Recent Government Enforcement Initiatives, E-Verify, and more. 

In a post 9/11 world, complying with changing requirements and fluid enforcement trends can be challenging and time-consuming. Multi-tasking human resource professionals have limited time to spend on these matters — and missteps can be costly. Dinsmore immigration attorney Greg Adams and employment attorney Lira Johnson equipped you with timely information and resources to better prepared for what lies ahead.

This 60-minute presentation provided invaluable insight and clarity, covering:

  • Common misunderstandings and assumptions about I-9 compliance and pitfalls, including a look at U.S. government enforcement actions
  • New approaches to I-9 audits and what to do if you’re audited
  • Key information about E-Verify for voluntary users and for federal contractors
  • How to handle Social Security “No-Match” letters
  • Employer best practices; conducting self-audits; using I-9 software and tools

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