MSHA's Proposed Civil Penalty Rule

December 3, 2014

With the stated goals of improving the civil penalty process and reducing the number of contested citations, MSHA has proposed sweeping changes to the Part 100 - Criteria and Procedures For Proposed Assessment of Civil Penalties. One thing is certain: When final, the rules will have an immediate adverse impact for all mine operators across the country.

MSHA is holding two public hearings in December to discuss these changes, but unless attendees ask the right questions, the public will only hear MSHA’s side of the story. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys have analyzed the changes and will prepare you for [what are sure to be] controversial changes and the impact on your operations. The FREE, 60-minute webinar will cover how the proposed rule will greatly change definitions of negligence, gravity, mitigating circumstances and ALJ discretion, as well as other issues.

This will be valuable information for every operator. Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed.