The Amendments to the Federal Rules on Discovery: Using the New Rule 26 to Help Your Clients - Webcast

December 10, 2015
Program Overview:
In light of the December 1, 2015, effective date of the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, this webcast focused not only on the content of the new amendments to the discovery rules but it also focused on the objectives of these amendments. Speakers addressed the Advisory Committee's intent to restore proportionality as an express component of discovery, to return reasonableness to discovery analysis, to address over-preservation concerns, and to avoid punishment for the meaningless loss of ESI.

What You Will Learn
• The history of Rule 26 amendments
• The substance of the amendments to Rule 26
• The rationale of the amendments, which will assist lawyers in arguing for more appropriate, proportional discovery; providing guidance on document preservation requirements under the new rule; providing tips for handling ESI under the new rule