The Employer's Toolkit: You Said What???

December 9, 2015

Download recording and PowerPoint slides here

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have become primary avenues of how we communicate with and update each other on what is happening in our lives – including our work lives.

Of course, where there is an opportunity for employees to share, there can also be a mess to clean up. Today’s employer is not only tasked with the predicament of determining if, when and how to monitor employee use of social media, but also how to respond when a Facebook post or a Tweet leads to controversy, or worse.

Brian Moore and Anjali Chavan will help to un-muddy the social media waters from a legal perspective and help you take the proper steps to protect your business interests.

In this complimentary 60-minute session...

  • Learn about the latest court decisions dealing with social media and technology in the workplace
  • Learn about the legality of “Facebook Firings” and social media policies in light of increased scrutiny by the NLRB
  • Learn effective (and legal) methods for monitoring and restricting the use of social media at work
  • Most importantly, learn how to draft an effective social media policy

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our skilled and knowledgeable employment attorneys.