Received Favorable Ruling for Trucking Company at Trial

Client: A trucking company

We represented an international trucking company and its driver at trial over an accident that occurred when the driver stopped his tractor-trailer on a rural road in order to make a home delivery. The tractor-trailer was stopped approximately 290 feet past a blind curve, with its flashers on. Plaintiff was driving around the curve and drove straight into the rear of the trailer, without hitting her brakes until the instant before the collision. Plaintiff alleged the driver and company were negligent because the tractor-trailer was stopped in the road and the driver did not provide sufficient advanced warning to oncoming traffic.  At trial we convinced the jury that the Plaintiff was 40 percent at fault for causing the accident because she had adequate time and distance to see the tractor-trailer and either stop or safely go around it. This resulted in a very favorable verdict for our clients.