Refinancing of Original Acquisition Loan for Tri-Arrows Aluminum

Success often brings about new opportunities for businesses, and taking advantage of those opportunities can open the door for further victories. The continuing success of Tri-Arrows Aluminum, an aluminum processing company formed in 2011 and owned by a consortium of Japanese companies, caused them to seek financial avenues that would pave the way for long-term stability and growth. We worked closely with Tri-Arrows to advise them on the $267 million refinancing of their original acquisition loan with a consortium of five lenders. We worked with the client throughout the entirety of the process, including modifying the loan documents to fit the client’s new financial circumstances, which had changed since the original loan. We also addressed numerous compliance issues during the process, including UCC and security requirements. We worked to complete the transaction in just 30 days in order to accommodate the close of the client’s fiscal year. The completion of the refinancing ensured the client was able to free up funds for increased cash flow at lower interest rates, as well as providing for lower capital costs.