Selected Real Estate Experience

Selected real estate experience

Multiple Clients

  • Real Estate Development
    Development and leasing of shopping centers in Ohio and the Southeast, from property acquisition through construction, financing, leasing and sale.
  • Retail Leases
    Development and implementation of leasing programs for landlords and representation of both landlords and major retail, restaurant and food-court tenants in malls, strip centers, outlet centers, power centers, life-style centers, out-parcels and other single store sites in the Midwest and Southeast.
  • Offices and Headquarters
    Development and implementation of leasing programs to address the complex technical and financial issues involved in multi-office facilities; with representation on behalf of both landlords and tenants leasing everything from towers to single occupant “headquarters” office space (often involving multi-million dollar tenant build-out agreements) in virtually every major metropolitan market in the U.S; including a recent $80,000,000 lease of office space in New York City.
  • Warehouse / Distribution Centers
    Representation of landlords and tenants leasing facilities in major markets across the U.S. Very often, these leases have involved build-to-suit arrangements, special agreements for the protection of volatile, perishable, or otherwise unique inventories, agreements with third-party logistics managers, licenses to specialized vendors, and agreements for direct rail access.
  • Manufacturing Facilities
    Representation of landlords and tenants leasing manufacturing plants (often under sale-leaseback and/or build-to-suit arrangements), which typically involve complex technical specifications associated with particular production requirements.
  • Specialty Uses
    Representation of hospitals, long-term care operators and other similar landlords and tenants involved in health-care related facilities such as medical offices, surgical centers, congregate care facilities, fitness centers and recreational facilities, such as golf courses.
  • Sale of Air Rights
    Sale of air rights for construction of hotel and residential properties above parking facilities.
  • Construction
    Representation of property owners in a variety of construction related matters, such as contracts with design professionals, engineers, general contractors, suppliers and lenders, for a range of uses, including corporate headquarters, museums, arts facilities, sports facilities, synagogues, medical offices, surgery centers and vacation properties.
  • Development Agreements
    Representation of property owners contracting with third parties for development of a variety of commercial developments, including resort properties, residential development and car washes.
  • Tax Inducements
    Representation of property owners in connection with tax increment financing (TIF) agreements, enterprise zone agreements, payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreements, property tax appeals and other similar tax related matters.

Fortune 100 Companies

  • Construction and Lease
    Approximately $115,000,000 build-to-suit lease of distribution center on 285 acre campus in Pennsylvania, from property acquisition through design, development, permitting and completion of construction.
  • Construction and Sale/Lease Back
    Approximately $15,000,000 build-to-suit lease of distribution center on 38 acre site in Iowa, dealing with property acquisition through design, development, permitting and completion of construction.
  • Construction and Lease
    Approximately $26,000,000 build-to-suit lease of distribution center on 50 acre site in Illinois, dealing with property acquisition through design, development, permitting and completion of construction; with subsequent sale-leaseback transaction.
  • Acquisition and Construction
    Approximately $45,000,000 contract for purchase of 76 acres and turn-key construction of warehouse and distribution center in Toronto, Canada.
  • Acquisition and Construction
    Purchase of 14 acre site and approximately $8,500,000 sale and lease-back, dealing with turn-key construction of office building in Arkansas.
  • Hangar and Airport Facilities
    Leases of hangar and surrounding space at Lunken Airport and Columbus Port Authority.
  • Avigation Easements
    Advice to property owner regarding compliance with avigation easements and FAA regulations restricting use of air space above property adjacent to airports in Ohio and New York.
  • Outsourcing Transactions
    Handled real estate component of two global outsourcing arrangements involving leases, subleases and licenses throughout North America, Central America, Europe and Asia.
  • Sale of Research and Distribution Facilities
    Subdivision from balance of campus and sale of 13 acre research and development site to City of Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Lease of Production Facilities
    Sale of manufacturing division to pharmaceutical company, including lease of approximately 210,000 square foot production facility in Georgia; involving complex issues relating to severance and/or management of shared infrastructure, utilities and services on 600 acre manufacturing campus (including approximately 66 acres under roof).
  • Lease of Office and Production Facilities
    Approximately $6,000,000 lease of office and production facility to third party manufacturer occupying space on 140 acre campus in Ohio.
  • Sale of Assets
    Sale of assets of pharmaceutical subsidiary.

NYSE Listed Companies

  • Financing
    Negotiated and closed $100,000,000 asset based loan facility.
  • Sale of Industrial Facilities
    Sale of printing facilities, including 46 acre site in Illinois; 38 acre site in Michigan; 12 acre site in Virginia; 14 acre site in California; 19 acre site in Vermont; 10 acre site in Indiana, and 6 acre site in Connecticut, subject to environmental remediation requirements.
  • Sale of Commercial Property
    Sale of approximately 25 acres including warehouse and orange grove in Riverside, California.
  • Lease of Mexican Property
    Lease of production facility in Nuevo León, Mexico.

Privately Held Investment Companies

  • Acquisition and Operation of Hotel
    Acquisition and ongoing representation of operator of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Sale of Retail Property
    Acquisition, operation, leasing and sale of shopping center in Greene County, Ohio.
  • Acquisition of Agricultural Property
    Acquisition of 1,245 acres in central Ohio, for agricultural uses, including operation of egg farm.
  • Condominium Conversion
    Conversion of former hotel to condominium property in Dayton, Ohio.


  • Tax Incentive Financing
    Preparation of Tax Incentive Financing agreements for municipal corporation.

Health Systems

  • Hospital Closure
    Closure, environmental remediation, auction of assets and sale of hospital facility in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Sale of Hospitals and Medical Facilities
    Sale of hospitals and medical facilities in separate transactions in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio.