John D. Reed


IP Licensing/Agreement Experience

Our attorneys have drafted a wide variety of agreements for clients to help them protect their intellectual property. Since 2011, we have drafted more than 575 total agreements, which can be broken down as follows:

Development Agreements (70)
  • Independent Contractor Agreements (15)
  • Talent Agreements (15)
  • Presenter Agreements and Content Provider Agreements (10)
  • Joint Ownership Agreements (10)
  • Production Agreements (10)
  • Employee Invention Policy and Agreements (5)
  • Joint Development Agreements (5)

Litigation-related/Dispute Agreements (55)
  • Pre-Litigation Settlement Agreements (15)
  • Trademark Trial & Appeal Board Settlements (15)
  • Co-Existence Agreements (10)
  • Litigation Settlement Agreements – Patent Disputes (5)
  • Litigation Settlement Agreements – Trademark Disputes (5)
  • Joint Defense Agreements (5)

License Agreements (155)
  • Software License Agreements (35)
  • Patent License Agreements (35)
  • Trademark License Agreements (20)
  • End User License Agreements (15)
  • Subscription Agreements (10)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS Agreements (10)
  • Channel Partner Agreements (10)
  • Pilot Agreements (10)
  • Copyright License Agreements (5)
  • OEM License Agreements (5)

IT-related Agreements (170)
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (35)
  • Healthcare-related IT Agreements (30)
  • Software IT Agreements (25)
  • Hardware IT Agreements (25)
  • Master Client/Service Agreements (25)
  • Support and Maintenance IT Agreements (15)
  • Reseller Agreements (15)

Research Agreements (55)
  • Advanced Research Agreements (25)
  • Materials Transfer (20)
  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (10)

Misc. Agreements (55)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (25)
  • Participant Agreements (10)
  • Exclusive Sales Representation Agreements (5)
  • Termination Agreements (5)
  • Domain Purchase Agreements (5)
  • Domain Escrow Agreements (5) 

Multiple Patent Applications

Ongoing representation of a foreign, independent client who manufacturers medical devices. Assist client with patent applications, clearance opinions and general business advice.

Patent Applications

The oil and gas industry is constantly changing in the face of new technology and success hinges on the ability to innovate to meet customer needs. We currently represent a supplier of valves, pumps and seals to the oil and gas industry, managing their patent portfolio and enabling them to evolve and grow. We have helped our client secure a number of patents for devices and systems that improve the flow for customers in the oil, gas and power industries, handling everything from patentability and clearance opinions to filing applications and interfacing with the patent office. Our work has enabled the client to evolve their business and anticipate the changing needs of their customers.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Perform patent preparation and prosecution work for a global car manufacturer relating to their ventures into fuel cell, battery and casting technology. Requires a thorough knowledge of not only patent law, but also the global marketplace and industry.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Ongoing representation of an international manufacturer of valves, pumps and seals. Perform patent preparation and prosecution work for client. Assist client with patentability and clearance opinions.