Lance A. Sennett


Counseled Client through Strategic Acquisition of School Transportation Company

Client: Privatized school transportation company

We counseled our client, a privatized school transportation company, during its acquisition of an Illinois-based student transportation service provider for special needs students and their families. This acquisition, a logical next step, extended our client’s market presence in Illinois and strengthened its commitment to developing and implementing best practices for transporting special education students. Our team of attorneys performed extensive diligence in preparation of closing, which touched on a multitude of different areas unique to the transaction, such as state and local taxes, and specific to our client’s industry, including regulatory requirements. We diligently worked together with seller’s counsel to achieve a desired result for our respective clients.

Assisted Client through LLC Formation and Tenant Troubles

Client: A Horse Stable Owner

We formed the client LLC and facilitated transfer of a farm into the LLC. We worked with the client to negotiate a lease agreement with a horse trainer interested in leasing the property. After advising the client on several issues related to the trainer’s compliance with the lease, we assisted the client in declaring the trainer to be in default, terminating the lease agreement, and initiating and completing forcible detainer proceedings to evict the trainer. We then assisted the client in negotiating a new lease agreement and a settlement agreement with the trainer.

Assisted Client with the Formation of a Horse Boarding Operation

Client: A Horse Stable Owner

Our client purchased a farm in Shelby County with the intent to start a horse boarding operation. In conjunction with the client’s accountant, we advised them on entity formation and formed two LLCs to hold the real estate and run the business, respectively. We prepared a lease agreement for the business LLC to lease the farm from the property LLC, and we facilitated transfer of personal property (horses) into the business LLC. We also advised the client on risk management and insurance issues relating to a boarding operation. 

Represented a Telecommunication Construction Company with Strategic Asset Purchase from Wireless Internet Service Provider

Client: Bowlin Construction Enterprises, Inc.

We represented the acquirer, our client’s newly formed subsidiary White Cloud Communications US, LLC, in its asset purchase from a locally-owned and operated wireless Internet service provider. This deal was another step toward the client's strategic vision to expand broadband cable service in rural areas. Dinsmore spearheaded the transaction, ensuring our client and its affiliates were represented and protected during the deal and beyond closing. Our deal team navigated through every aspect of the transaction, including working with local regulatory bodies to gain transaction approvals.

Represented a Telecommunication Construction Company with Strategic Asset Purchase of Company Operating Broadband Cable Networks in Kentucky

Client: Bowlin Construction Enterprises, Inc.

Our client’s newly formed subsidiaries, White Cloud Communications US, LLC and White Cloud OZ, LLC, purchased the assets of a local company operating broadband cable networks throughout Kentucky. This deal enables our client to continue its strategic expansion throughout the greater Midwest and sets up the company for continued future success. Dinsmore worked together with seller's counsel through every step of the transaction, which included several regulatory issues with the Federal Communications Commission and the development, formation, and implementation of a unique ownership structure enabling the company to utilize the benefits of a Qualified Opportunity Fund.