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I Am Dinsmore: Sujyot Patel

Sujyot Patel

“Since I’ve been here at Dinsmore, there are two things that stick out to me. First of all is the commitment that Dinsmore has to reaching out to minorities, both women and racial minorities. And, it’s hard to explain to people who aren’t members of a minority group, but when you are a member of a minority group, that matters. It makes you feel the love, it makes you feel like you’re wanted.”

Sujyot Patel Signature Partner, Cincinnati

Former College Athlete, Mountain Biker, & Public Finance Attorney

Sujyot’s love of building things – whether it’s relationships or more tangible structures – blends nicely with his practice. We sat down with him to learn more about Sujyot the lawyer and Sujyot the man.