Attorneys Debate Whether ACA Will Lead to More or Fewer Malpractice Cases

September 12, 2012Quotes & Mentions
Healthcare Risk Management
Risk managers and malpractice defense attorneys are divided over whether the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have a direct impact on the number of malpractice cases. Some say the future will bring a frightening increase in lawsuits because more people will enter the system. Others, however, say the ACA could result in a decrease in malpractice allegations.

According to Dinsmore’s Jim Comodeca, attorneys worry that the insurance coverage required by the ACA will result in more people seeking healthcare and that the sheer increase in patients will result in more malpractice claims. Read the full story below to learn why Jim feels the increase in patients could jeopardize patient safety and why healthcare systems should consider hiring additional physicians and staff to maintain quality care.