Board Certification Concretes 2022 as Jason Lambert’s Best Year Yet

August 1, 2022News Releases

Board Certification Concretes 2022 as Dinsmore’s Jason Lambert’s Best Year Yet

Florida Super Lawyers® had it right when it named Tampa construction law practice partner Jason Lambert a Rising Star each year since 2016. In the first eight months of 2022, Jason has established himself as a go-to thought leader in his rapidly expanding areas of practice, written a book and most recently earned his board certification in Construction Law from The Florida Bar. He is also a key member of a team which made Construction Executive Magazine’s Top 50 list of construction law firms this year.

As thousands of lawyers a month become eligible to practice law in the state of Florida, Jason continues to separate himself from the competition. The Florida Bar board certification acknowledges Jason’s professional expertise and signifies he is among the gold standard of Florida attorneys.

“I have been working towards meeting the standards required for Board Certification since I first became an attorney,” Jason said. “And I owe a lot to my wife and daughter, and some fantastic mentors, like Rob Sickles, for their support, encouragement, and help along the way. The certification helps distinguish those who have become experts in construction law by practicing it every day, from those who only deal with it occasionally.”

Pulling heavily from his decade of experience in the construction industry before becoming an attorney, Jason represents clients including contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, financial institutions, and insurance carriers in commercial litigation, with a special focus on real estate and construction matters. This representation often includes drafting contracts and other corporate documents, negotiating transactions, resolving payment and lien disputes, and addressing construction defect claims.

His knack for anticipating potential licensing roadblocks for clients and getting out in front of them has earned Jason a first-rate reputation that constantly results in new business.

In the spring of 2022, Jason published his first book, a quick reference guide on the topics that impact contractors almost daily in The Sunshine State. “Florida Construction Law for Contractors” covers requirements for Florida contracts, construction liens and notices to owner, advertising limitations, licensing and other statutes applicable to contractors, and much more. Details on how to order your personal copy here.