Dinsmore Attorney Helps Courthouse Go Digital

October 19, 2012Quotes & Mentions
The Lane Report
Over the years attorneys throughout Kentucky have experienced the difficulty of transporting and assembling audiovisual equipment at the courthouse. In fact, it can be quite a production, requiring plenty of technical support. And while Kentucky courtrooms do have video and audio recording systems in place, that technology does little to automate or facilitate presenting evidence…until now.

Patrick Michael, a partner at Dinsmore, and other members of the Louisville Bar Association, along with Jefferson Circuit Court Judge McKay Chauvin, formed Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project Inc. (JCUP), formed a non-profit corporation whose mission is to equip Jefferson County’s courtrooms with state-of-the art audiovisual systems. Read the story published by The Lane Report below to learn how the new tech savvy courthouse is changing the way attorneys communicate with jurors in Kentucky and more.