Dinsmore Helps Minority Company Accomplish More

December 10, 2012Quotes & Mentions
If Carl Satterwhite is indeed the most admired African-American entrepreneur in the region, as Dinsmore’s Calvin Buford said, he’ll be the last person to notice. That’s because Satterwhite, president of RCF Group, is too busy focusing on helping other people, the way he says the local business community has helped him.

These champions for change, as Satterwhite calls them, include Dinsmore, which lent its intellectual and financial capital to help create the Minority Business Accelerator, a program that was created to allow minority-owned companies to grow more quickly so they could be viable candidates to service large corporations.

Read the full article below to learn how Satterwhite grew his company from a startup firm to a joint venture and how Dinsmore helped structure the new company and guide it through the minority business certification process.