Dinsmore Partner John Babione Speaks on How Businesses Can Create Cybersecurity Preparedness Plans

November 19, 2021Quotes & Mentions
GC Magazine: In-House Technology in America

Dinsmore cybersecurity and data privacy partner John Babione recently spoke with GC Magazine for its In-House Technology in North America issue. He was quoted in two articles in the magazine, the first on balancing the availability of new technologies with the security threats they create. An excerpt is below.

Critical to effectively evaluating current measures and implementing training – particularly from the perspective of corporate counsel – is a thorough understanding of the contemporary rules and regulations applicable across all relevant jurisdictions.

"The keys to mitigating privacy incidents are actions taken prior to the incident itself," explains John Babione, a partner at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP. "For organizations operating across state lines in the U.S. or internationally, the work done before an incident to know and understand what laws apply to the data flowing through the organization will reap tremendous benefits for mitigating the harm."

Babione was also quoted in the issue's article on preparing for ransomware attacks, which is excerpted below.

"A response plan should set the expectations high for the organization,’ says Babione. "Responding effectively to security incidents and potential data breaches should be emphasized as critical to the success, and in some cases survival, of the organization."


"The plan should enlist all affected personnel as partners in a team effort in which everyone knows their daily efforts."

This engagement, though, shouldn’t be limited to times of crisis, says Babione, who instead advocates for an always-on approach to monitoring for threats and being prepared to respond – an approach that emphasizes mitigation as much as it does preparedness.

To read the full articles, click here and scroll to the articles starting on pages 19 and 26.