Huff Shareholders Granted $5.8 Million Judgment

April 2, 2010News Releases

On April 1, 2010, the Huff Shareholders, including James H. Huff of Huff Realty, were granted judgment against Real Living, Inc., a full-service real estate company based in Columbus, Ohio, in the amount of $5,805,985.87.

In September 2009, the Huff Shareholders including James H. Huff, Donald Johnson, James S. Schilling, Susan Huff Schilling, Rodney Huff, Ralph A. Drees, and Thomas Hamilton filed a lawsuit against Real Living. The Huff Shareholders were owed $4.5 million from Real Living for the sale of their interest in the company and filed suit seeking payment. The dispute dates back to June 2005, when the Huff Shareholders cut their ties with Real Living and sold back their interest to the holding company. Real Living was required to pay the Huff Shareholders $4.5 million by January 1, 2007, and failed to do so. On April 1, 2010, Judge Steven Martin granted judgment in favor of the Huff Shareholders and against Real Living. The amount of the judgment is $5,805,985.87 and interest continues to accrue at $1,109.55 per day.

"These are significant real estate professionals on both sides of this controversy," said Mark Vander Laan, Chair of Dinsmore & Shohl's Litigation Department and lead attorney for the Huff Shareholders. "Given its prestige in this region, we expect that Real Living will pay this judgment and end the dispute."

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