Jeremy S. Rogers Re-Elected as Little Ears Hearing Center Board Chairman

December 15, 2016News Releases
Confirming his commitment to the Louisville community, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP’s Jeremy S. Rogers has been elected to his fifth term as chairman for the Little Ears Hearing Center Board of Directors. Rogers has been a member of the Board of Directors since the organization was formed in 2010.

The Little Ears Hearing Center works to improve the quality of life for children with hearing loss through family-centered care, education, advocacy and choices in intervention.

“For me, the commitment to the Little Ears Hearing Center is personal,” said Rogers. “I have a nephew who suffers from severe hearing loss, and underwent surgery to have hearing aids implanted. My son also has an audiology-related diagnosis, so I know how reassuring it is to families to have this kind of quality care available in our own community.”

With a focus on pediatric audiology, Rogers sees the Little Ears Hearing Center filling a unique void throughout the state. He has also enjoyed watching the Center grow from a single-practitioner operation to a bustling clinic with seven full time staff members.

“The founder of the Little Ears Hearing Center, Dr. Shelley Moats, set out to create a different type of medical practice,” said Rogers. “She wanted to establish a non-profit that could do more outreach and education, and she’s done just that.”

Among many, Rogers counts the establishment of the Little Ears Hearing Center’s annual “Hear It Here” event as one of the Board’s significant accomplishments. “Hear It Here” is a community program that combines continuing education for professionals and outreach for families of deaf and hard of hearing children. The event began four years ago and has grown in size and impact each year since.

At Dinsmore, Rogers is a partner in the Litigation Department with a wide array of trial and litigation experience including business disputes, constitutional law, personal injury, employment, insurance, and criminal defense. He has extensive experience representing news media outlets in defamation, privacy, and other First Amendment-related cases. Rogers earned his J.D. from Boston College Law School.