Lawyers Using LinkedIn as Way to Connect

August 31, 2012Quotes & Mentions
Business Courier
The legal profession has been slow to embrace social media because of worries that Tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn communications might be construed as attempts to solicit clients or improperly give legal advice. But the use of social media is clearly on the rise among lawyers. Just type in “attorney” on the LinkedIn keywords line and you’ll get more than 650,000 names.

Dinsmore’s Geof Oberhaus has a weekly standing appointment with his LinkedIn account. To Oberhaus, the social networking tool is a business necessity. It allows him to keep track of companies, clients and business contacts who change jobs. Read the full story below to learn how Oberhaus uses LinkedIn to gain competitive intelligence on people, how LinkedIn enhances your visibility online, and how lawyers can maximize their use of the social media platform while avoiding ethical pitfalls.