School Districts Offer a Steady Niche of Legal Work

September 11, 2012Quotes & Mentions
The National Law Journal
As the academic year gets under way, attorneys who represent the nearly 14,000 school districts across the country find that they are challenged like never before. Slashed school budgets, combined with social factors including Internet harassment, school violence and employee discontent, have made the work increasingly complicated.

As a result, Dinsmore’s Jason Long, who represents approximately 20 of West Virginia's 55 school districts, has seen school districts incur significant costs for grievances that are frivolous. In a recent interview with The National Law Journal, Long discusses how schools are grappling with increased litigation stemming from complaints made by nonteacher employees. Read the article linked below to learn why schools are turning to their lawyers for help drafting policies and other big concerns school districts should be aware of.