Shannon Reid wins 2018 Diversity Scholarship

May 10, 2018News Releases

In continuing with our commitment to diversity, as well as our dedication to helping the next generation of attorneys reach their professional goals, we are proud to announce the 2018 Diversity Scholarship winner in partnership with global aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin. First-year law student Shannon Reid received the inaugural scholarship of $10,000 and will be assigned a mentor to serve as a dedicated resource to her professional development.

Shannon will also join us this year as a summer associate, where she will split her time between the Dinsmore and Lockheed Martin offices. She currently attends the University of Pennsylvania as a first year law student and remembers when she recognized her heavy interest in the legal profession.

“I really think that having a legal skill set will make me better at analyzing, problem solving and figuring out the best and most effective way of approaching issues,” she said. “I have a curiosity about the legal profession that stems from my participation in the mock trial program at my high school.” Shannon’s early curiosity led her to take her interest in mock trial to the next level.

“I enjoyed the experience so much; I focused all of my attention on furthering my knowledge of this area. With the encouragement from my family, I decided to start a mock trial program with the Ohio high school circuit.”

After graduating from high school, Shannon participated in the Summer Work Experience in Law (SWEL) program, which provides opportunities for minority law students to develop personal and professional skills. After her sophomore year at the University of Cincinnati, she spent a summer at Dinsmore’s Cincinnati office.

“My internship at Dinsmore was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to meet several attorneys, many of whom became mentors to me.”

One of those mentors is Dinsmore associate Reginald Staples, who recognizes Shannon’s potential. “I had the pleasure of working with Shannon when she participated in the SWEL program at the firm.” Reginald said.  “She brings a passion and fascination for the law that makes her a pleasure to be around. Shannon embodies the values that Dinsmore cherishes and is deserving of the Lockheed/Dinsmore scholarship. I look forward to watching Shannon’s career progress in the coming years.”

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2017 and participating in the SWEL program throughout college, Shannon continued to work with SWEL as a student coordinator where she assisted program leadership with administrative duties.

“During my years in undergrad, I had some experiences that shined a light for me on the power of a law degree and the power of the legal profession in general. I have an appreciation for the law, how it works, and how it can evoke change,” she said.

Looking towards her life after law school, Shannon expresses her interest in labor and employment and intellectual property law, specifically copyrights and trademarks. “My interests are wide open, and I am very excited for the opportunity to hone my legal skills and the knowledge to be gained at both Dinsmore and Lockheed.”