COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: 8 Considerations for Employers

April 22, 2021Articles
PileDriver Magazine

PileDriver Magazine published an article by Dinsmore's Lisa Hodgdon and Jason Lambert entitled "COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: 8 Considerations for Employers" in its most recent issue. Read an excerpt below.

1. What are an employer’s options when it comes to administering the COVID-19 vaccine for employees?

Some employers are considering entering into agreements whereby they will be considered a closed point-of-dispensing site and administer vaccines to its employees on site. Administering vaccines on site raise many liability concerns. Employers who are considering serving as a closed point-of-dispensing site should seek legal advice. Alternatively, some employers are considering providing vaccines to employees through third-party vendors, and others are requiring or encouraging employees to obtain the vaccine on their own.

2.  What if a state adopts a law prohibiting mandatory vaccinations?

There is proposed legislation pending in several states which would preclude state and local governments and private businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations. Some of the proposed laws apply only to state and local governments. However, some of the proposed laws apply to private employers. If a state adopts a law prohibiting mandatory vaccinations, the federal government’s ability to allow such maybe limited. Thus, employers must confirm if the states where they have employees have adopted any laws which prohibit mandatory vaccinations. 

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