Integrating Patient- and Family-Centered Care With Health Policy: Four Proposed Policy Approaches

April/June 2013Articles
22 Quality Management Health Care 137-45


Achieving patient-centeredness in health care delivery has been difficult, in large part due to the lack of a replicable methodology. We describe the Patient- and Family-Centered Care Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P), designed specifically for health care, to establish and sustain patient-centeredness in any care setting. The PFCC M/P meets the needs of all stakeholders—patients, families, providers, payers, and government—in improving the patient experience, patient safety, and clinical outcomes while decreasing waste and cost. We also propose options for aligning the PFCC M/P with policy as a means of bringing about widespread transformation in health care delivery.

Written by: Anthony DiGioia, Melissa N. Fann, Feng Lou, Pamela Greenhouse