Sydney N. Pahren


Conducted the Sale of Multiple Assisted Living Facilities

We assisted our client with the sale of nine nursing home/assisted living facilities. Our client wished to leave the nursing home industry, and we negotiated and prepared the sale/purchase transaction documents.

Successfully Argued Against a CON for a Client’s Competitor

Our client, a nursing facility, was concerned that a project proposed by a competing facility would adversely affect their business. The competitor’s facility would have been less than a mile from our client, and the surrounding area already includes multiple nursing facilities. We successfully appealed the decision to grant a Certificate of Need (CON) to the competitor during an Ohio Department of Health administrative hearing.

Successfully Argued for a Nursing Home’s Right to Transfer a Resident

We successfully won an administrative hearing before the Ohio Department of Health granting our client, a nursing home, the right to discharge or transfer a resident. The facility proposed the discharge because it believed the resident was a threat to other residents and to staff.