Thomas G. Drennan


Successful Representation of Insurance Company in Massive Flooding Claims

Client: Insurance Company

We represented an insurance company in connection with massive flooding claims following a significant rain event.  After working to resolve the underlying claims, we successfully litigated another insurer’s attempt to force our client to pay 100 percent of the costs relating to the loss, which ultimately involved a favorable appellate decision. 

Successful representation of insurance company

After an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Louisiana, Thomas Drennan represented our client, an insurance company, in a case to determine whether the plant owner qualified as an additional insured, and to determine the extent of the contractual liability owed to the plant owner by the named insured. Mr. Drennan thoroughly reviewed the underlying contract and the insurance policy, and identified the most effective arguments in support of the client’s position. As a result, following a two-week trial, he successfully managed to cap our client’s liability at an amount far less than the potential exposure. He also convinced the appellate court and the Louisiana Supreme Court to affirm the result.

Successful representation of insurance company in advertising dispute

Thomas Drennan represented an insurance company when its insured faced a claim advanced by two men who claimed the company, a fast food chain, had taken their idea for an advertising mascot. The plaintiffs alleged they had presented the idea to the chain, and the chain used the idea without compensating the plaintiffs. The chain then sought coverage from our client, the insurance company, under the advertising injury portion of the liability insurance policy. Mr. Drennan moved for summary judgment on a number of grounds, and convinced an Illinois state court to grant summary judgment in favor of the client, resulting in no liability under the policy.

Experience appellate work, including counterfeit products

Thomas Drennan has experience with appellate work in Illinois, Minnesota, California, Louisiana, and New York. In Illinois, his appellate experience includes the representation of an employer in connection with a claim for contribution and indemnification arising out of a written contract between the parties relating to electrical work at a power generating station. Mr. Drennan successfully argued before the appellate court that the indemnity obligations included in the written contract did not extend to the indemnitee’s own negligence. In New York, he represented an insurance company in a matter involving a company selling shampoo that closely mirrored a popular name brand shampoo. He successfully argued before the appellate court that the client’s denial of coverage was correct, and there was no coverage under the relevant policy of insurance.