Construction Related Matters for Airport Authority

We represented the Airport in an action by the rejected low bidder on a $15 million construction contract where the rejected bidder alleged that the Airport wrongfully determined that it was not responsible. After a two-day trial, the Court upheld the Airport’s determination that the disappointed bidder was not a responsible bidder. Accordingly, the Trial Court affirmed the Airport’s decision and denied the bidder’s request for injunctive relief and to have the Court award it the contract. The Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed the decision.

Earlier, Mr. Leach worked with the Airport in creating an innovative design/construction - management contract for the Airport's $20,000,000 C-Concourse Expansion Project. The project involved drafting the public bid trade contracts, which contained a number of features designed to meet the Airport's goal of fostering the successful participation of small and disadvantaged construction companies.

In another engagement, Mr. Leach provided construction-law counsel in defense of a prime contractor's $5,000,000 claim arising out of the Airport's Terminal Expansion and Garage Project. He successfully settled that claim through mediation.

Mr. Leach also represented the Airport when a fencing contractor was defaulting in its performance. Issues involved security breaches, scheduling and failures to abide by FAA regulations. Through a process of negotiations and education efforts, the contractor completed its work.