Mineral Rights

Our team works on behalf of oil and gas exploration and development companies. We represent owners, lessors and lessees of mineral reserves; producers of coal, oil, gas and limestone; transporters and end-users of extracted minerals; lenders to and investors in the mineral industry; and other entities and groups involved in the natural resources industry.  

Our experience includes all aspects of title work, as well as asset acquisition and disposition.  We advise our oil & gas clients on risk and indemnity issues and various industry contracts, including drilling, site access, surface access and use, midstream and gathering, license, master service, microseismic, water, license, easement, and purchase and sale agreements. 

We have in-house experience with an Appalachian Basin oil and gas E&P company, as well as complex commercial litigation experience managing active cases. When appropriate, we also manage issues pre-litigation to avoid the initiation of law suits.