ADR Center

The ADR Center at Dinsmore

Year-in and year-out, the overwhelming majority of conflicts and business disputes are resolved short of trial. The ADR Center is staffed by a team of professional neutrals who have the full toolkit of ADR skills to help you reach resolution.

The ADR Center’s professionals are well trained and highly experienced in the art of crafting resolutions. Their track record of success makes them a compelling choice for tackling a wide range of conflicts. The ADR Center’s neutrals have vast experience in resolving conflicts involving employment, intellectual property, tort, corporate business, and estate issues in many sectors and industries. Our professionals are located throughout the Midwest and are available to travel to assist parties in reaching resolution.

Mediation Services  

Our certified mediators use their experience and creativity to find workable solutions to even the most vexing legal conflicts. Their strong collaboration and communication skills make them both effective and easy to work with.

Arbitration Services  

When parties need a private determination on one or more issues, arbitration can be a quicker, less expensive alternative to trial. The ADR Center’s neutrals are substantively experienced and procedurally trained arbitrators who render reasoned decisions.

Other Services 

The ADR Center’s professionals are eager to put their experience and skills to use in other ways for clients and attorneys. These include training on how to successfully negotiate and mediate, how to prepare for arbitration, early neutral case evaluation, developing settlement strategy and fact-finding.


The Court of Last Resort – is always available. Before committing to litigation, make the ADR Center your Court of First Resort. Our motto mirrors our mission – Come with conflicts. Leave with solutions.SM