Workers' Compensation

Our attorneys understand workers' compensation claims impact our clients’ businesses through lost employee productivity, the cost of claims and the risk of litigation. We work strategically to reduce those costs.

We counsel and defend employers on a broad spectrum of legal issues related to workers' compensation claims. We represent Ohio state-funded and self-insured companies in matters pertaining to premium rates, non-compliance or transferring risk experience.  Our firm assists in maintaining self-insured privileges under Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia workers’ compensation laws.  Additionally, we frequently hold presentations and seminars for our clients and TPAs regarding relevant and significant workers’ compensation issues.

Administrative Practice

We counsel clients on investigation of claims and response to workplace hazards, as well as the administration of contested and non-contested claims to reduce workers’ compensation costs. We advise and counsel our clients on safety standards and violations, inspections by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation when a violation of a safety standard is alleged, and compliance with state workers' compensation rules and regulations.

When claims are filed, we advise our clients on length-of-disability, return-to-work issues and vocational retraining benefits. Our attorneys also coordinate with outside experts to research medical issues and pre-existing conditions related to individual claims. Our proactive approach includes advising clients on preventative measures and best practices to avoid claims and providing onsite training when needed. 

Civil Litigation

When matters go to hearing or to trial, we defend employers at the administrative level, trial court, appellate level and before the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia Supreme Courts. In matters of policy, our attorneys are active in statewide and local bar associations and trade groups. Additionally, we collaborate with legislators and government agencies in connection with proposed legislation and agency regulations.