Venture Capital

Clients working with our venture team seek to “accomplish more” by receiving advice from dedicated attorneys who have a deep commitment to entrepreneurialism and an understanding of how to leverage both comprehensive intellectual property and fundraising strategies toward the creation of significant business outcomes at scale.

Our venture team is “all in” on startups, early-stage, and early growth-stage companies—those with limited operating history but enormous potential for growth. They are masters at delivering complex, cross-functional services (e.g. IP, Fundraising, Corporate, Securities, Tax, and Regulatory) under one roof. While the heart of our venture team is located in Midwest (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Chicago), our attorneys span coast-to-coast from San Diego to Boston, and we represent both domestic and international clients.

Working with both venture-backed portfolio companies and early growth-stage funds (as well as accelerators and incubators), our attorneys are indispensable. They are well-versed in the macro-economic landscape, likely outcomes, resources, and what is “market” at any given time during a company’s lifecycle. The venture team has a strong business acumen; is comprised of attorneys who are entrepreneurs, founders, and investors themselves; and is comfortable looking at a client’s journey through the lens of someone who has walked in their shoes.