Eminent Domain & Valuation

Our attorneys counsel commercial and residential property owners in eminent domain and property valuation matters.  We also represent governmental agencies and quasi-governmental entities in the acquisitions through eminent domain.

We are experienced in all aspects of eminent domain proceedings, from pre-condemnation planning and evaluation through any necessary litigation.  Our team’s experience and resources in land use, environmental and governmental regulatory matters allow us to serve our client’s needs throughout the process. 

Eminent domain often involves compensation for a taking of real property and damage to a business, damage to the residual, damage to or sterilization of minerals, impaired access, and other intricate issues.  We are experienced in the intricacies of such valuation and damages issues.  In addition to our internal resources, we work with expert consultants, such as accountants, engineers, surveyors, environmental analysts and other professionals in support of our client’s case. 

We assist clients in resolving eminent domain matters through negotiated settlements, including changes to a proposed taking that may mitigate negative impacts on the parties involved.

In addition to our work in eminent domain and related valuation litigation, our team has experience in real estate tax valuation matters, including hearings and appeals.  We are knowledgeable as to proper appraisal methodologies, including issues of valuation and damage and work with appraisers and other consultants to protect our clients’ real estate values.