Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Our occupational safety and health (OSH) attorneys have a deep knowledge of federal and state occupational safety and health standards and regulations. OSH attorneys also work closely with our clients to really understand their businesses, enabling us to provide practical advice and solutions tailored to each of our clients’ unique concerns and needs. 

We understand that as an employer, keeping your employees and your business safe is of utmost importance. We work with our clients to make sure their policies and practices comply with the myriad of health and safety standards and regulations at the state and federal levels. Compliance does not have to conflict with performance. Although many of OSHA’s standards are prescriptive, many are performance-based, allowing employers a great deal of flexibility in developing solutions that work. Developing ways to comply with safety and health standards often results in a more efficient process.

Unfortunately, even the best safety and health programs have vulnerabilities. Our team is ready to respond immediately to workplace catastrophes that may lead to multiple injuries, evacuations and fatalities. Our attorneys appreciate the delicacy involved in handling fatalities and serious injuries and can effectively balance the sensitivity of the accident with the appropriate response to the regulatory investigations that inevitably follow a workplace catastrophe. We have successfully helped our clients navigate fatality and catastrophe investigations and defend any resulting citations. 

Of course, not all inspections are the result of a workplace accident. Many inspections result from employee complaints or various emphasis programs. Our team regularly assists clients in managing inspections and responding to various enforcement actions. Where OSHA issues citations, we work with our clients to evaluate the factual and legal merits of the citations and the potential impact the citations could have on the employer’s processes and other operations. The impact of a Serious, Repeat or Willful citation may be obvious, but even an Other-Than-Serious citation could have lasting and costly consequences. 

Our seasoned group of OSH attorneys routinely represent our clients in front of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission or equivalent state tribunal in contested citations falling under OSHA’s general industry, construction, recordkeeping and maritime standards. Whether you are a two-person construction contractor or an international, fortune 50 company, if you have an OSHA problem contact us. We’ve got you covered.