Wage/Hour Law

Our attorneys assist clients in ensuring compliance with federal and state laws governing payment of employees’ wages. Determination of exempt vs. non-exempt status has become a major issue, so we conduct audits of employers’ pay practices to minimize the risk of potential violations, including violations of the Equal Pay Act. We also advise clients on timekeeping and pay practices designed to minimize the possibilities of claims for unpaid wages, including unpaid overtime. Additionally, we represent employers in audits by the state and federal agencies.

Class action and collective action claims asserting violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and similar state laws have become significant risks for employers.  We defend our clients in these claims throughout the country.  We have experience in defending class certification motions, conducting class discovery and achieving resolutions for our clients.  We handle class claims ranging from 100 to 100,000 potential class members and have a history of achieving successful results for our clients.